PwC renders legal advice to Cogitari Properties regarding its residential development and construction activity in Costa del Sol.

From the beginning of the projects, in coordination with Planificalia, we take care of drawing up all relevant legal documents needed to obtain the building licences, insurance policies associated to the business of the Group, formalizing and registering horizontal divisions and new building works declarations, as well as drawing up the contracts with the builder companies and the rest of significant suppliers involved in the process.

Through the constructive process, we render legal advice drawing up the reservation and private purchase sale agreements, first hand dealing with the obtaining of the bank guarantees related to the amounts paid as part of the purchase price. The recurrent legal advice rendered by PwC to Cogitari Properties allows us to know in all moments the status and circumstances of its developments and clients, being able to provide fast and efficient answers during the whole process of construction and sale, with the guarantee that it is developed according to Spanish legislation.

Rocío Mata González Rocío Mata González
Landwell-PricewaterhouseCoopers Tax & Legal Services, SL
C/Pirandello, 16, 5ª planta,
29010 Málaga, Spain
Tlf: 952366616 / Móvil: 669797421
E-mail: rocio.mata.gonzalez@es.pwc.com

Steps to be taken

Foreigners buying a property in Spain should obtain a NIE number (Foreign Identity Number) at the Police Station. Additionally, all investors will provide the developer with proof of the source of the funds that they will be investing in Spain, in compliance with Anti-money laundering Spanish legislation. PwC will advice in this matter to speed-up this management before the Spanish bank to which the funds will be transferred.

– Signature of a reservation agreement that allows the future buyer to have the preferential right to purchase the property, being the dwelling withdrawn from the market for the period of one month. This right is acquired with the payment of a deposit of 10.000 euros which, if so, will be part of the purchase price.

– Signature of a private purchase sale agreement of the dwelling after one month since the signature of the reservation agreement, where the terms and clauses of the purchase sale will be agreed. At this moment, the purchaser will pay 20% of the purchase price of the property (discounting the 10.000 euros already paid).

– Signature of an appendix to the private purchase sale agreement of the property, at the termination of the structure of the dwelling. At this moment, the purchaser will pay an additional 20% of the purchase price.

– All amounts paid as part of the purchase price before the signature of the public deed of purchase sale will be guaranteed by bank guarantee

– Signature of the public deed of purchase sale, having previously obtained all mandatory legal documents, at the date indicated in the private purchase sale agreement. At this moment the keys of the dwelling will be delivered, against the payment of the full purchase price by the purchaser.

Our Firm provides professional services all over the world in 130 countries through more than 500 offices, including 9 in Spain. Málaga office is made up of a team of 30 professionals providing tax, legal, audit and advisory services.

Grant Thornton provides tax advice to Cogitari Group regarding its residential development and construction activity in Costa del Sol. One of the services that Cogitari includes free of charge when the client makes a reservation is the initial advice to help the purchaser to accomplish the transaction in a safe and legal way for them, complying with Tax Law applicable and submitting official tax forms.

Many taxes may be involved during the whole investment process considering the purchase, the maintenance and the sale of the property, like Value Added Tax, Transfer Tax, Stamp Duty Tax, Non-Residents Income Tax, Inheritance Tax, Corporate Income Tax, Tax on Gains in Value of Urban Land (municipal capital gains)... In this regard, Grant Thornton can help the client to optimize the taxation arisen choosing for that purpose the right vehicle of investment, considering each one’s circumstances.

Daniel Sanz Daniel Sanz, Tax Director of Grant Thornton’s office in Málaga.
Plaza de la Malagueta,
2. Entreplanta. Oficina 1,
29016 Málaga, Spain

I founded my Architect company Planificalia in 2006 and got my Master Degree in Architecture at the La Coruña School of Architecture (ETSAC) in 2002 and I completed my education with a Master in Environment and Bioclimatic Architecture at the Madrid School of Architecture.

I come from a family with long traditions in Architecture (my father and my grandfather were architects), and I believe this circumstance has helped me a lot to understand that the architecture is an art but, first of all, architechture has to be useful, thats why functional solutions is very important for Planificalia. The challenge is the combination: beauty and functionality hand in hand.

With this main idea, and after some years working in different companies, I create my own office in Malaga Planificalia in 2006. From the beginning, we understood that the challenge of the architecture in 21th Century is to integrate the energy efficiency in our projects, as the 4th dimension to add to the other 3 dimensions, which the architecture has managed traditionally. Planificalia has today a multidisciplinary team (architects, technical architects, industrial engineers, telecommunication engineers, etc.) leaded by professionals with a long experience combined with young up-comings and new technologies - with this complexity and know how we add value for our clients

Enthusiasm and professionalism are common features in our team, and essential to coordinate more than 20 employees who participate in each project.

Pedro Losada Pedro Rodríguez-Losada Pérez-Montero – Architect
Calle Pirandello, 16,
Edf. Teatinos Plaza,
29010 Málaga, Spain

The Planificalia Team





















Illusion's goal is to provide an integral turn-key project to their customers, offering a very complete system to be capable to integrate in different home devices. Our team of designers, technicians and programmers are involved in the design process and project monitoring, standing behind the process during the developing and construction. From Illusion we are always improving our knowledge and experience, following the global companies, as Apple, Lutron, B&O, Linn, Delta Light...etc.. who are developing new technologies. We desire to make comfortable and highly functional homes not only for the present, but also for the future.

-We try to create a modern and warm atmosphere by lighting design . To achieve it, we combines different kinds of lights and technologies, design them depending on the use of each area. -We are concerned about the electricity consumption. We make green installations using LEDs and a control system to make it works in a more efficient way. -The lighting scenes makes a more comfortable home and reduce the energy consumption. Dimmers are include in the majority of the lighting circuits inside the building. - At the entrance of the most frequent areas we have located keypads control that allows you to create your personal lighting scenes. - Avoid learning all the different remotes for each system of the house, our concept includes an Apple Homekit solution that will allow the user to control the installations in an easy and intuitive way with the same interface.

Organization Chart:

Victor Perianiza Victor Periañez - Director
C/Ávila Nº 17, Local 2,
Urb. Guadalcántara,
29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Spain

Carmen Morales Carmen Morales - Designer
C/Ávila Nº 17, Local 2,
Urb. Guadalcántara,
29670 San Pedro Alcántara, Spain

Danespan Kitchens is a Danish/Spanish kitchen factory of 28 year existence, producing quality kitchens to very high standards using only the best materials available, and with individual solutions for each client. We work with the best appliance brands, and are the biggest selling, Miele and Gaggenau, dealer in Spain, so all Gaggenau equipment bought through us has a 5 year warranty directly from the Gaggenau company. All our kitchens are fitted by our own craftsmen to guarantee a finished product that will satisfy our demanding clients. Danespan Kitchens also give an extremely good after sale service to all their clients, being on time with and with a smile on our lips

Danespan Kitchens, Oasis Business Center Nº5, 29602 Marbella, Málaga

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