Apple HomeKit

A world of automatization without limits.

Cogitari have used many different kinds of home automatization, but has turned to Apples Homekit as we believe it will be the future standard for all automatization.
Villa Lupi has on delivery installed HomeKit for all lights and Aircon. There is furthermore preinstallations for Audio, curtains and floor heating.

So, what is Homekit and how does it work?

You might have smart light and control this with their own app, so why is HomeKit brilliant ?

Well, imagine that you also own smart blinds. Without HomeKit, your smart lights can’t communicate with your smart blinds, meaning you can’t hook them up together, control them with a single interface, or set them to perform actions together.

Can I schedule automatization?

Yes – Imagine, that you schedule for some of your light to turn off at night, other lights dim to 75%, and your windows blinds close every night at the time you find convenient. In the mornings, the blinds goes up at the time you have set and on the days you want.

What is “Actions”?

With actions, it gets really smart. This is what HomeKit is all about, to combine 2 or more smart devices to do things together. You could for example make a “good night” action, that with one touch would turn off all light outside, maybe keep one light dimmed in the house, and close all the window blinds.

And what about “Siri”?

Siri is Apple’s voice control, and with a little practice it gets even smarter. Now you can push a button on your Iphone and give the order, or just have the phone next to you and say “hey siri – good night” and that will activate your “good night” action, turning off lights and closing window blinds – as agreed with Siri :))

What can be controlled?

More and more devices are made to be HomeKit enabled, so this makes your home automatization futureproof. If you see the “HomeKit enabled” logo on a product, then it will be easy to add to your existing installation.

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