Green Profile

Green Profile

“Low energy buildings” or “Highly energy efficient buildings”

Low energy level is achieved by design, technologies and building products that use less energy than regular standards.


  • Passive methods to reduce or increase the heating effect of solar radiation
  • Dimension and positions of porches & pergolas
  • Positioning of windows to achieve crossed ventilation to minimize the use of A/C.
  • Native landscaping that do not require excessive amounts of water.
  • Planting trees to provide shade for direct or indirect sunlight.

Low temperature heat pump (Daikin Altherma)

  • Altherma system consume 75% of the energy for A/C and floor heating extracted from the air (removable energy) and only 25% from electricity.
  • Our floor heating systems achieves A++ energy efficiency label.
  • Combine our heat pump with solar support to increase hot water savings.


  • Energy efficient windows with thermal bridge break and solar control glasses.
  • Improved insulated exterior walls, floor and roof.

Solar panels

  • Produce up to 70% of the hot water for the heat pumps and boilers.

Air infiltration and heat recovery ventilation (HRV)

  • Reduce up to 20% of the consumption related to floor heating and A/C.
  • Because of the filters in the system, the villa achieve purified air: ideal solution to avoid allergy.
  • With HRV system, we increase acoustic and thermal comfort because it is not necessary to open the windows to ventilate the villa.

Reduction in electricity and water consumption

  • EcoSmart basin mixers and showers.
  • Control of energy consumption using IT systems.
  • LED lighting.
  • Energy efficient appliances.

All our villas achieve A or B Energy Efficiency Certification

90% of the new construction buildings achieve a C energy label. In contrast, all our buildings are qualified with an A or a B Energy Efficiency Certification , which are the best marks to be achieved by the national energy rating system and means up to a 70 % energy saving.

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